Lace,/Pacolet557921.html,Pea,Dresses,$46,Appliques,with,Short,Juniors,,Homecoming,Huifany,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Pea with Choice Lace Appliques Lace,/Pacolet557921.html,Pea,Dresses,$46,Appliques,with,Short,Juniors,,Homecoming,Huifany,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $46 Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Appliques with Pea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $46 Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Appliques with Pea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Pea with Choice Lace Appliques

Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Tampa Mall Pea with Choice Lace Appliques

Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Appliques with Pea


Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Appliques with Pea

Product description

"Gender:Womens,Teens/Teenager girls
Regarding The Details Of Our Size,Pls Refer to These:

Regular Size
Size2:Bust=32.5in,Waist=25.5in,Hips=35.75in,Hollow to Floor=58in

Size4:Bust=33.5in,Waist=26.5in,Hips=36.75in,Hollow to Floor=58in

Size6:Bust=34.5in,Waist=27.5in,Hips=37.75in,Hollow to Floor=59in

Size8:Bust=35.5in,Waist=28.5in,Hips=38.75in,Hollow to Floor=59in

Size10:Bust=36.5in,Waist=29.5in,Hips=39.75in,Hollow to Floor=60in

Size12:Bust=38in,Waist=31in,Hips=41.25in,Hollow to Floor=60in

Size14:Bust=39.5in,Waist=32.5in,Hips=42.25in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Size16:Bust=41in,Waist=34in,Hips=44.25in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Plus Size
Size16W:Bust=43in,Waist=36.25in,Hips=45.5in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Size18W:Bust=45in,Waist=38.5in,Hips=47.5in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Size20W:Bust=47in,Waist=40.75in,Hips=49.5in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Size22W:Bust=49in,Waist=43in,Hips=51.5in,Hollow to Floor=61in

Size24W:Bust=51in,Waist=45.25in,Hips=53.5in,Hollow to Floor=61in

1)the color may be a little different due to the effect of light and monitor setting.
2)All Measurements Are Approximate Quoted, Lengths Are From Shoulder To Hem.
There is maybe 1~2 cm deviation exists due to different measuring way, Please understand!"

Huifany Juniors Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Appliques with Pea

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