3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 S Drawers Rattan Wicker Popular shop is the lowest price challenge $64,/Pacolet517721.html,Rattan,Drawers,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Nightstand,S,breezecare.life,3-Tier,with,End,Wicker,Wood,4,Table 3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 S Drawers Rattan Wicker Popular shop is the lowest price challenge $64 3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 Wicker Rattan Drawers, S Home Kitchen Furniture $64 3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 Wicker Rattan Drawers, S Home Kitchen Furniture $64,/Pacolet517721.html,Rattan,Drawers,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Nightstand,S,breezecare.life,3-Tier,with,End,Wicker,Wood,4,Table

3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with Max 41% OFF 4 S Drawers Rattan Wicker Popular shop is the lowest price challenge

3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 Wicker Rattan Drawers, S


3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 Wicker Rattan Drawers, S

Product description

This bedside table has 4 spacious baskets to hold clothes, tools, office supplies or anything else. As a great addition to any home, small apartment, or college dorm for instant storage, the natural top surface provides even more storage space. Set it in your master suite or guest room as a side bed table for devices, magazines, fresh flowers, and more. As a living room accent table, this unit provides sufficient space for remotes, coasters, and drinks. This beautiful chest features a tabletop surface and pull-out drawers to tuck away household clutter. The thoughtful design is compact for small living spaces. The lightweight frame makes this unit easy to transport around the home. With this table, everything you need right by your side, getting organized has never looked better!

End table nightstand: White natural and compact modern style suitable for any room
Wide usage: Suitable for limited spaces, works great in any room from hallways to bedrooms
High-quality materials: Constituted of sturdy material for durable use
Removable woven baskets: 4 wicker rattan drawers(2 small and 2 big) for perfect storage
Stain resistance amp; wear-resisting: Painted white surface is dirt-proof and perfect to touch
Easy to move: Lightweight design, it is convenient to move
Easy to clean: White painted surface can be simply cleaned with wet cloth
No assembly requires: Without assembly, you can also use it right away
Color: White
Main Material: MDF + Paulownia
Net Weight: 8.16 LBS
Max Weight Capacity: 44 LBS
Overall dimension: 19.69"L x 11.81"W x 23.62"H
Small Basket Size: 9.84"L × 7.87"W × 5.51"H
Big Basket Size: 16.93"L × 9.45"W × 5.31"H
Package Includes:
1 x Table Shelf
2 x Big Basket
2 x Small Basket
1 x Instruction Manual

3-Tier Wood End Table Nightstand with 4 Wicker Rattan Drawers, S

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