Pendant,with,White,$118,Cornicello,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Gold,Chain,,14K,Polished,/Pacolet1063721.html,Large,Horn $118 14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Horn Pendant with Chain Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Chain Very popular! with Horn Pendant $118 14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Horn Pendant with Chain Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Chain Very popular! with Horn Pendant Pendant,with,White,$118,Cornicello,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Gold,Chain,,14K,Polished,/Pacolet1063721.html,Large,Horn

San Francisco Mall 14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Chain Very popular with Horn Pendant

14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Horn Pendant with Chain


14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Horn Pendant with Chain

Product description

This unique handcrafted 14k Gold Pendant Necklace is perfect for any occasion. Order this today or browse our unique, trendsetting, amp; affordable fine gold jewelry.

14K White Gold Polished Large Cornicello Horn Pendant with Chain

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