ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Fashion Retro for Mid Livin Century Livin,for,Century,$150,/Decodon518207.html,Mid,Accent,Retro,Chair,Modern,Chair,Home Kitchen , Furniture,HOME,ALPHA, $150 ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Livin Home Kitchen Furniture ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Fashion Retro for Mid Livin Century $150 ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Livin Home Kitchen Furniture Livin,for,Century,$150,/Decodon518207.html,Mid,Accent,Retro,Chair,Modern,Chair,Home Kitchen , Furniture,HOME,ALPHA,

ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Max 62% OFF Fashion Retro for Mid Livin Century

ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Livin


ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Livin

Product description


Product Description

Alpha Home Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Living Room Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstered Lounge Chair with Solid Wooden Frame Kitchen Dining Cafe Armchair with Backrest Navy Blue


Color: Black

·Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair

·90-Days Warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

·Linen Fabric Upholstered

·Solid Wooden Geometry Frame Design for Stability

·Breathable Thick High-Density Sponge

·Endurable to Wear, Tear and Corrosion

·Won’t Deform Easily

·Easy Assembly amp; Maintenance

·Same Color Screw Hole Covering Chair

·Anti-Slip Splayed Foot Padding Keeps Floor from Scratching

Product Dimension

Accent Chair: 38.9"H x 32.3"L x 26.8"W

Seat Height: 16.9"

Seat Depth: 20.9"

Seat Width: 22.8"

Backrest Height: 18.5"

Backrest Width: 55.5"

Backrest Thickness: 6.3"

Cushion Thickness: 6.7"

Package Information

Package Included: 1 x Living Room Accent Chair

ALPHA HOME Accent Chair Modern Mid Century Retro Chair for Livin

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NASA Confirms Thousands of Massive, Ancient Volcanic Eruptions on Mars

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