$45 AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle Clamp"6803", Size 2, with Angle Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle 2 Clamp"6803" Angle Popular overseas Size with Clamp"6803",,Acting,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,90324,2,,Angle,with,/Decodon1090607.html,Vertical,AMF,breezecare.life,$45,Toggle,Size Clamp"6803",,Acting,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,90324,2,,Angle,with,/Decodon1090607.html,Vertical,AMF,breezecare.life,$45,Toggle,Size AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle 2 Clamp"6803" Angle Popular overseas Size with $45 AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle Clamp"6803", Size 2, with Angle Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

AMF 90324 Vertical Acting 2021 autumn and winter new Toggle 2 Clamp

AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle Clamp"6803", Size 2, with Angle


AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle Clamp"6803", Size 2, with Angle

Product description

Size:size 2

Vertical acting toggle clamp with open clamping Arm and angle base. Galvanized and passivated. Rivets made of stainless steel, which, for sizes 2 and 3, run in hardened bushings. Bearings are pre-lubricated. Ergonomic, oil-resistant handle with large grip surface and soft components. Safety clamping piece with finger protection. Lock washer for the thrust bolt at the end of the clamping Arm. Complete with tempered, galvanized clamping screw no. 6890.

AMF 90324 Vertical Acting Toggle Clamp"6803", Size 2, with Angle

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